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Welcome to the Qavar blog, our company’s place on the web where we share our thoughts and insights, and also learn from you, our readers. A blog is truly made valuable from the quality of the interactions with you. In a sense, the interactive section is the real part of a blog.

We’re an artificial intelligence company, focusing on digital presence through building web and mobile apps, systems and chatbots.This blog is a place that we share our experiences as a technology startup, helping businesses to establish their digital presence through artificially intelligent apps, systems and chatbots. We intend to use this platform to share our learnings, thoughts, and insights as we continue the journey in helping more businesses engage with their clients through the apps and chatbots that we design and build for them. Occasionally, we also talk about what we learned running a technology startup, right here in Singapore.

The voices you’ll expect on this blog are those of the people in Qavar — the founders, the technology gurus, our customer service ninjas.

As with all blogs, this is the casual voice of Qavar, one that reflects us not as a corporate body, but as the people who make up this company. We absolutely love and welcome comments on any of our blog posts, whether to express a different point of view, or to vehemently disagree with what we’ve said. We know we are going to learn something from you. That said, please lets keep the conversation respectful, and we will delete objectionable comments (not differing points of view). We also will do our best to engage with you and respond to your comments, but do give us time when we are occasionally caught up with work.

Thank you, again. Do visit us at, and, if you think we bring you value, do follow us here on Medium!