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Defending you against cyber threats and building intelligent apps

We help you to defend against digital threats against your business. And, we help you scale your business through
custom-built apps.

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Build custom apps and systems

When you realize that nothing off-the-shelf works, and you've tried everything yet nothing quite fits, what you need is simply a custom-built solution.

We understand the nuances of building a system, managing the project, deploying it, and how your users will react to it.

As a premium technology centre, you'll recognize that we know how to fit the pieces together, and you'll notice that we will get the details right.

  • app development

    App Development

    Build apps and technology that fits your business exactly, instead of fitting your business around technology.

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  • chatbot


    Provide 24/7 response to your customers, by chatting with them naturally

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Generate leads on Google Ads

If you've tried Google Ads yourself before, you'll quickly realize that marketing and advertising on Google Ads may appear simple, because the platform is extremely powerful and user-friendly.

At the same time, you'll also notice that you may not be getting the absolute best results, or that you find that you're not satisfied with the results. There's a reason for that.

LeadSense, our AI-powered ad engine, makes it easy for you. It automatically helps you create ads that work and continually adapt to find your best leads, every second.

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Defend you against digital threats

If you've noticed that you're not quite sure what your security posture is, what threats are you are immune to and what threats can affect you, and you realize it's something that bothers you because you know that it can directly impact your business, you may wish to consider a security assessment.

A simple configuration assessment will give you huge insights into your security, and a penetration test will reveal the vulnerabilities that a real-world attacker may try to use against you. A red team takes it all the way and simulates an actual attack by all means necessary.

  • configuration asssesment

    Configuration Assessment

    Understand your security posture and get insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

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  • penetration testing

    Penetration Testing

    Go deeper and find the key vulnerabilities of your business and technology set up, and know how to fix them.

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  • red team

    Red Team

    Simulate a real-world, determined, attack in a completely safe way, so you know what it takes for an adversary who is determined to impact your business.

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Partnerships take it to the next level

If you understand, and agree, on the value that we can bring to your organization, then consider if you would like to take that to the next level.

You may invite us to become your technology partner or security partner, leveraging on our strengths, and the competence, knowledge and experience of the whole of Qavar, as an extension to your business.

Long-term partnerships are a sacred relationship, that we do not take lightly, and certainly neither do you. It may take a long time for you, and for us, to decide to take this step.

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    Technology Partner

    Decide if we are the technology arm that you can rely on.

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    Security Partner

    Decide if we are the security arm that you can rely on.

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