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How we approach helping you

It's important for us to understand what you need. And that starts by understanding your business. You get all the time you need to tell us. Then we'll come up with something that helps you.

What's on your mind may be your internal core processes, your sales and marketing, or your company's app.

When we give you a solution, we don't over-engineer. Because that's not what you need. The right solution can be a simple tool. It could be robotic process automation. It may be an intelligent app powered by AI.

It's not about being fancy, it's about scaling the right parts, the right way.

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AI may be useful to you, but not all the time

You can leverage data, analytics, or machine learning to gain a competitive edge.

But that doesn't mean it's the right solution all the time. Here's how you can quickly tell.

"I already know how to do this! It's just manual :(" If you already know how to do something, and you know the rules and the various circumstances that need to be handled, you will probably get a lot more success using a standard algorithm or ruleset to automate your task. Not to mention it's immediately accurate, and probably a whole lot faster and cheaper.

"I don't have rules or guidelines. But I can train someone to do this easily!" In this case, you don't have a clear set of rules. But what you do have is data or examples and you realize that you can train a person to do this task quite easily, then AI may be the perfect solution for you.

We'll help you figure out if AI is useful for you.

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Custom app development

In today's world, you probably need to have a web app or a mobile app that reaches out to your customers.

It gives them a great experience, and it legitimizes your business and brand. And, having an app on their phones allows you to keep in touch easily with them by sending them (good) notifications.

There are many, many advantages to building a custom app. But again, not always. It may be that off-the-shelf software works better for you. We'll figure this out with you.

If you build an app with us, we'll care of everything. We don't just develop the app, and then hand it to you and wish you all the best.

We stick with you during the conceptualizing of the app itself, launching it, getting it past all those review processes (if necessary), and managing the systems behind it.

If it's something that you want, we can even operate the app for you.

  • app development

    App Development

    Build apps and technology that fits your business exactly, instead of fitting your business around technology.

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  • chatbot


    Provide 24/7 response to your customers, by chatting with them naturally.

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Consultancy. A Partnership.

If you want someone to advise you on technology and technical matters, help you make the right decisions, save time exploring solutions, solve your challenges right now while focusing on your future, you may consider our technology consultancy.

There are many kinds of consultants. We're a little bit different. We're the sort that will go deep in your business, your people, your challenges, and solve things for you and with you. Holistically.

We don't make recommendations based on assumptions, or best practices. Once size fits all does not exist. We believe that a solution that really works, is one that has considered your entire business.

And we're like your in-house team. You'll get to leverage the strengths, competence, knowledge and experience of the whole of Qavar, as an extension to your business.

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Defending against digital threats

A powerful business is one that is well defended.

A simple configuration assessment tells you what you can improve to protect yourself better.

A penetration test tells you what vulnerabilities a real-world attacker may use against you.

A red team show you how a real-world attacker may really try to attack you.

  • configuration asssesment

    Configuration Assessment

    Cost-effectively understand your current security level and quickly improve it.

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  • penetration testing

    Penetration Testing

    Find key vulnerabilities of your business and technology setup, and fix them.

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  • red team

    Red Team

    Simulate a serious attack safety, and prevent a real-world attacker from doing that.

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